Micron Vector 3 V304 container with only 70 jumps, for main canopies up to 107 ft² and reserve canopies up to 109 ft², DOM 2005. Harness will fit people range of 5'6" to 6'0 and it has all this factory optionals: skyhook, magnetic riser covers, articulated (Free Fly Friendly), cut in lateral, collapsible pilot chute, hook knife and stainless steel deluxe. Container is in mint condition, like new!




PD 106 ft² reserve with only 1 pack job, Zero rides, No patches or holes, DOM 2005.


PD Pulse 107 ft² with only 40 jumps in the original lines, DOM 2010, NO patches or holes.

Price: 3.400 dollars + Shipping.

Contact: info.flyagain@gmail.com

Fly Again - Skydive Equipment

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