Hi Thiago,


The canopy arrived safely in Dubai today. It's great, still super crispy! I think it's even better than your description! I'll also be looking for a second larger canopy soon, so I will be back in touch. I hope to deal with you again!


I’m very impressed with your website and how professional you do business!


Many thanks!



Iain Macdonald “Freddy” - Operations Manager, Inflight Dubai (Skydive Dubai)

Thiago has made buying my first sky rig a very positive and informative experience! He provided detailed info and really went above and beyond to ensure I have all the details I needed to make the decision before I even committed.


All the equipment I have purchased was exactly in condition and shape it was advertised and reasonably priced as well. Additionally he was kind enough to throw in a used cypress so that I could get a discount purchasing a new one.

I would highly recommend Thiago whether you are new to the sport or flying a fully elliptical high performance canopy and would totally use Thiago again for future gear purchases!

Max Malygin, Skydive City, Z-Hills

Thiago was fantastic to deal with. The canopy I bought from him arrived in perfect condition, exactly how he said it was. He shipped it within hours of receiving my payment and it was at my doorstep the next day.  In love with this canopy.  

Thanks Thiago!

Emily Fishbaugh, Skydive Arizona, Eloy

Hi Thiago,


My new rig has arrived and it looks great!!! I just wanted to let you know that it fits great, looks sharp and I am super excited!!!!


Thanks again for hooking me up with such a deal, it was a pleasure doing business with you.



Adrian Bond - AFF and Tandem Instructor at Perris Valley Skydiving, California



It is all together and well.

I sent you a Facebook message with a picture of me under the canopy!! :-)

I love it and it is sooooooooooooooo pretty in the sky! 


Thanks for all your help and for being so patient with me!

Bre Reichle - Skydiving Kansas City and IFLY Kansas City, Missouri 





Thanks again for a good transaction. The Stiletto 170 ft² is in great shape and I finally aired it out last weekend.


Good canopy, fair price, it was a pleasure!

Rick Holstein

Richard Holstein - Skydive Carolina,  Chester and "Flying Tigers SPC", Anderson, South Carolina

Hey Thiago,

Just wanted to thank you again for the great rig and service. I have bought and sold 100's of skydiving related products on the internet over the past 14 years. In that time I have dealt with the good, bad and the ugly, and I just wanted to say that you are top notch. Good service, great products, shipping and an overall spectacular experience. Hope to do business with you in the future.


Blue ones,

Jared Wilt - Rigger at Skydive Greene County, Ohio

Thiago was such a great help! He is honest, very helpful, and knowledgeable in getting you into the right gear. After my purchase, he helped me out again with swapping parachutes to get me into the right one at no extra charge! Such service, honesty, and trustworthiness is unusual and hard to find with online skydiving purchases. This is one place you can be sure you will get what you pay for, and more.


Michael Martin - Skydive San Diego, California

Hey Thiago,


Canopy arrived today... looks great! Didn't even have to pay duty. I'm looking forward to flying it!!!!


I'll be in touch when it's time for a PD Katana 120 ft² :-)


Thank you for always get back to me so quickly!

Scott Swain - Skydive Gan, Ontario - Canada



I really appreciate your friendly service. You gave me a fair deal on my old canopy which allowed me to get my new one. You were awesome to work with!


Thanks again,

Dave Durant - Skydive Indianapolis, Indiana

Hey brotha!!!


The rig is sick! And looks just like the pics! Thank you so much for the care you put into packing and sending it over! I am packing my reserve as we speak, I have a lot of camera jumps to do, so I need this back to back asap! I can’t thank you enough brotha!


Honestly, I haven’t seen such professionalism in all my years! Best costumer service I have received while purchasing a rig. You have a faithful customer!


Blue skies my man!

Kevin Gomez - Cameraman at Xtreme Divers, Puerto Rico

So glad to have found Flyagainskydive.com. I recently bought a used main canopy from them and the service was impeccable. All my questions and concerns were answered quickly and efficiently. The canopy was exactly how it was described. The attention to detail in the delivery was surprising. 100% recommended!


Andrea Parziale - Skydive Miami and Skydive Sebastian, Florida

Thiago sold us a Safire 2 119, it was shipped quickly, he represented it well and had a fair price.


Jay Alspach - Skydive Snohomish, Washington




Hey Thiago,


Canopy arrived today... looks great! Didn't even have to pay duty. I'm looking forward to flying it! I'll be in touch when it's time to downsize for a PD Katana120. :-)


Thank you for always get back to me so quickly!


Scott Swain - Skydive Gan, Ontario - Canada

I had a great experience working with Thiago. He responded quickly to emails and messages. He sold me a sweet new and "painless" canopy! I bought a PD Sabre 2 150 ft² and it was boxed, shipped and in my container within the same week!


I will for sure buy gear from him again! Fast and friendly. Exactly how buying skydiving gear should be!


Derren Dettloff - Skydive Panama City, Florida

I had the most enjoyable product purchase with Thiago. He is extremely reliable and will do anything to make sure that you get a perfect rig. I am enjoying my new Wings container, the quality is amazing, and it's the best investment I ever made.


Thanks Thiago

Raymond Mankin - Skydive Deland, Florida

Thiago sold me a compete system for a really good price and he gave me the best customer service ever. I was afraid to buy it by internet, specially because it was a large amount of money, but I didn't have any problem. I received the package in time here in Mexico with no issues at all.


Thank you for everything!

Cesar Salazar - Skydive Cuautla, Mexico City

Thiago was a true pleasure to do business with, as well as very helpful! He is an honest business man and as a first-time buyer of online gear, I was skeptical to buy, but he is a very trustworthy individual who was extremely prompt on his delivery time along with fair pricing.


Thanks again Thiago!

Tyler Grady - Skydive Tecumseh, Michigan




Freshly off student status, I was eagerly looking for a PD Pulse 190 in a hot market, that would suffice my skill level for flying and fit in my newly acquired container. I found an Ad listed on Dropzone.com for a gorgeous orange and white canopy for sale by Thiago. He advertised it as having 20 jumps and in excellent shape. I sent a request for more info and was surprised at how fast he responded to my request. He offered to take PayPal and he'd ship it right away.


I felt I could trust him and was excited to get my canopy as soon as possible. After sending the money, he kept me posted on the progress of shipping. It arrived exactly as described. It was rigger packed, in a nice shipping box, with fresh PD inspection paperwork. Basically brand new. I would definitely purchase gear from Thiago again when the need arises. He's a great asset to the skydiving community. I am indeed enjoying my Pulse 190. It's been great! I have about 40 jumps on it already.


Cool site, I like that is simple and clear. Keep up the good work!



Scott Dupuis - Skydive Elsinore, California

I found one of Thiago's canopies (PD Spectre 170) for sale on Dropzone.com and contacted him directly through the email he provided. He replied very quickly with information about it, especially it's condition, and was open on discussing pricing and shipping. The whole transaction was very swift. I paid with PayPal, my rigger received the canopy packaged appropriately in a USPS flat rate big box with tracking. He was very open about who he is and who to contact to check his credentials. I did so and it of course all checked out. I am very happy with the canopy and the deal. Talk to Thiago with confidence.


Julian Fessard - Bay Area Skydiving, California

Hey Thiago!


Got to jump the Sabre 2 190. Awesome canopy! Had a rough first landing but was to be expected in my book. Stoked to finally be at a long overdue 1:1 wing load. I did get tons of "nice canopy and lines dude". Enjoyed hearing that makes me think I can actually pick out skydiving gear now. Again thanks for the great sale, homie!


Blue Skies!

Glaze Hoster - Skydive Temple, Texas



You were so right about the canopy condition. Love the canopy! I told my kids to wait for me to open the box, they get just as pumped about new canopies as I do. My daughter who is 10 will be packing it so I'm sure she's excited to see how it folds.


Thanks for everything!!!

Karen Blanks - Gold Coast Skydivers, Mississippi

I purchased a PD Stiletto 120 from Thiago. He accepted PayPal payment and shipped in a timely, well-packaged manner. Don't hesitate to purchase from him. The items are as advertised and shipped quickly. I am going to sell two other canopies I have through Thiago, since the first transaction went so smoothly.



Kenneth Murphy - Skydive Elsinore, California

Thiago saved my Sacramento trip and Chicago boogie! I was looking online for a canopy after a loss of gear… and he sent my PD Sabre 2 150 right away! It is in great condition and we kept in contact during the whole process.


Thank you!

Nancy Grieger - Skydive Mesquite, Nevada

Hi Thiago,


I got my Silhouette 170 friday morning (just in time for the weekend!!!) and was able to jump it 4 times so far. It's a great canopy! Flies very nicely, very responsive and fun! I slid on my knees for my first landing but the next 3 were absolutely perfect.


Cheers! Blue skies,

Lacey Williams - Skydive Burnaby, Canada

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